Vaseline total moisture


I always have this bit of curiosity about the skin which I could never fulfil because Google sometimes just isn’t enough. You know how at times you have qualms about your skin and you try to Google but don't exactly get any proper answers? Even if you do, it might not exactly be the right information so learning and hearing from a professional himself is the best!

At the Vaseline workshop with the other fellow bloggers last Sunday!


So thankful that I got invited to Vaseline Skin Health Workshop featuring Guest Dermatologist, Dr. K.V. Ratnam from Ratnam’s Skin and Allergy Centre. I felt like I learnt so much!


He began the talk with explaining about the 3 layers of our skin – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. He talked about how our epidermis (the outermost, surface layer) sheds more when it is dry or diseased and emphasised on how important it is to moisturize! Well-moisturised skin heals and regenerates the fastest! Although moisturising is a long-term commitment, it will pay off; as they always say, a little goes a long way, and one could never achieve moisturized skin in just one day. We should always moisturize because there are so many external factors that could strip our skin off its moisture everyday without us realising, such as hot baths and sleeping in an air-conditioned room.


One great tip to retain the moisture in the room whilst sleeping in air-con room would be to put a bowl of water by your bedside so the air would be less dry! This has also been proven to work by many beauty gurus on YouTube! So if you have dry skin like me you could consider starting doing this :)

Another beauty tip is to moisturise 3 minutes after our baths as our pores are opened and are more susceptible to retain moisture!


Another beauty tip is to moisturise 3 minutes after our baths as our pores are opened and are more susceptible to retain moisture! There were also many concerns raised about feeling stickiness under the sun after applying moisturizer so he suggested we could either dilute the moisturizer or simply just apply it the night before we sleep so that it wouldn't be so dense the next day! I tried all these tips he gave with Vaseline's Total Moisture Nourising moisturiser and really realised a huge difference because I no longer experience any tightness in my skin when I sleep in an air-con room! So amazing how these little tips can make such a huge difference!


Vaseline has a new technology Stratys-3 that is different from all the others. The new Stratys-3™ is the first moisturising complex designed to work across all layers of skin epidermis without leaving a greasy residue.

We did a little experiment to compare Vaseline against brand X by using a blotter sheet to determine its oiliness!


For brand X, there were little blots of oil and it was so sticky the blotter paper stuck to my hand even when I flipped it the other way. As opposed to Vaseline, there were no blots at all and it was so smooth that the blotter couldn't even stay. I didn't even have to observe for oil blots to know which is better!

So which Vaseline moisturizer exactly is suitable for your skin type? People with these skin types can try out these recommended moisturizers.


The Aloe Vera is more lightweight so it can be used on people with oilier skin as well as people with sensitive skin because it has more calming properties!

As for people with super duper dry skin, the cocoa butter would be the most suitable as it contains the most moisturizing ingredient.

As for the Nourishing (oatmeal) moisturizer, it can be used on people with skin redness, because oatmeal has always been popular with targeting skin redness.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you know more about how to better take care of your skin and pamper it! We should never take advantage of our skin just because we think we don't need to do anything to maintain it. Good skin requires effort (and a good moisturizer :))


So glad I was able to attend this insightful and informative workshop!

A pic with my bag of goodies from Vaseline!!! YAY~



Super huge tub of petroleum jelly that I especially LOVE because it can be used for SO MANY purposes! Did you know applying them on your eyebrows and eyelashes could also encourage hair growth? Try and let me know if it works for you!

Thank you Vaseline for these goodies!


My Beauty Diary x White Formula review


As someone who has really dry skin... Sheet masks are a must in my skincare regime. It's a really hassle free and fast way to hydrate your skin for someone who has such a packed schedule like me. I hardly have time to pamper myself :(

Personally, one of my favorite mask brands would be My Beauty Diary! My Beauty Diary is an extremely popular line of Taiwanese Facial Sheet Masks with a variety of formulas. They target a wide range of users with different skin types like dryness, dullness etc...

I'm someone who just WOULDN'T STOP BUYING SKINCARE PRODUCTS. Once I hear good reviews about any products I would hurriedly go buy them and then immediately chuck them aside after realizing it doesn't work for me. I have this really bad habit so my skincare products are piling up to a mountain.... Therefore this hamper is like the perfect package for me because I get to try products that works according to my skin type! AWESOME.


I was given 3 boxes of MBD face masks with 2 being the top sellers so far, and the other with a range of almost all the face masks that they have!!


My favorite has got to be these two :)

♡ Coix Seed & White Pearl mask ♡

It's really moisturizing for my skin and doesn't break me out! I always wake up to dewy and fairer skin the night after using these masks.

Next would be the White Formula products that is newly released in stores!

White Formula Press Release - Super Moist Toner [Mar 2014]_Page_1

Renowned for its effectiveness, White Formula moisturizing Hyaluronic range has been strongly recommended by Taiwan's celebrity beauty experts including Naruko, Kevin and Liu Yan teachers on Taiwan's popular Beauty Queen show (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da). This brand is highly raved in Taiwan and I've also been hearing lotsa good reviews from my friends!

♡ White Formula super white toner

The super white toner has this really watery consistency which I really love because it doesn't make my skin feel thick or sticky after I've applied it!


The formula works so well on my dry skin. Water based products are the best!


The super white toner costs $19.90 for 290ml and can currently be found in many stores like Sasa and Watsons :)

Thank you MBD and White Formula for giving me the opportunity to try out these products!!


Ellysage x MBD


Blogshop of the week:


Pretty sure you girls have heard of this popular blog shop that has been around for quite a long time. Was so glad to be able to collaborate with them long term cus I've been hearing a lot of good feedback about their efficiency and service! The owner is exceptionally sweet and generous to me too!! It's always an honor working with nice people.

My picks this time:


Tweed skirt

Which I really LOVE. I LOVE ANYTHING TWEED. And the quality of this skirt is really exquisite.


Frances striped pullover

THIS TOP IS JUST.. MY TYPE. It's something I would totally buy.. My love for cotton apparels never dies. Easy to match and sooo comfortable. Hahaha.

They've having 2 ongoing promotions with crazy attractive prizes!


17th to 31 May every order on www.ellysage.com, or
purchase of ellysage apparels at KissJane Bugis, KissJane Century
Square and Space Invasion at The Cathay will receive

  1. A My Beauty Diary Mask
  2. A sample of the white formula toner


The Top Spender, Facebook Winner and Instagram
Winner will win a huge hamper each this period!


Good luck gaaalzz!!



As an user of the Apple iPhone for years, I've never wanted to move out of my comfort zone to switch to using an android.

But thanks to Samsung this time, I had the opportunity to experience all the goodness of using an android, which I've been missing out on! I was so, so excited and happy to be one of the lucky few to receive the new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE!!


The first thing I did when I got the phone, of course, is to zhng my phone! You know how sometimes you just cannot wait to personalize your own phone and make it super chio??

 I downloaded the Cocoppa app from Playstore the moment I got the phone, and arranged all my icons just the way I like it. I really love how my phone looks now!! Using it makes me happy :)  


The next thing I did was to try out the camera. The 16 megapixel camera really amazed me. All my pictures were so sharp and clear! Look at my OOTD! 


Most of all, I LOVE the the beauty mode!!! On top of the flawless skin the beauty mode gives you, you can even adjust the exposure etc just the way you'd like your picture to be!



Using filters from some of the photo apps I downloaded...

collage-2014-05-14 copy

Visiting Haw Par villa with the bf~ couldn't stop using the camera.. the pictures look so good under natural sunlight!!! 


Furthermore, being at Haw par Villa means walking around a lot and taking photos at the same time! You know how sometimes when you take photos while you are walking about, and it turns out blur!?

This doesn’t happen AT ALL with the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE because of its Fast Auto Focus feature, allowing sharp and clear photos to be taken under 1 second! How cool is that? Goodbye blur photos!


Plus, there is also the Selective Focus feature and Real Time HDR special functions that makes taking photos on the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE so much easier and a better experience for camwhores like me! Now I can control whether to sharpen or blur out my background and foreground, and also use the HDR function to make my photos brighter automatically! LOVE! 

The wide screen makes editing photos super easy too! I never thought I would like the big interface of the phone because I've been so used to small screens... But doing everything is so easy with big screens!!!

The wide screen makes editing photos super easy too! I never thought I would like the big interface of the phone because I've been so used to small screens... But doing everything is so easy with big screens!!!

Watching Running Man on the GALAXY S5 LTE is as good as watching it on my laptop.. The screen is so big and clear. Could even watch it on buses without having to wait for very long cus of the 4G LTE up to 150MBPS that relies on wifi speeds up downloading!


Other than the camera, Samsung also offers features for health and fitness! The S health is super useful for fitness junkies. There are various Exercises modes and even real time fitness coaching!


As a person who doesn't particularly put the effort to exercise, the least I could do was to keep my calorie intake in check..


I've been downloading so many calorie intake applications but they always don't seem to work for me cus of the lack in Singaporean food menu. But I was super impressed with the S health because they actually cover a handful Singaporean dishes!! See.. They even have my favorite mee goreng! 



One of the key special features of the GALAXY S5 LTE is the fact that it's now water and dust resistant, with IP67 rating. This means that you can keep out dust and wouldn’t have to worry about dropping your phones into the toilet bowl no more...

There are still many special features and functions from the new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE that I would love to share with you, but I haven’t finished exploring them! Will definitely talk about them more after I have fully explored the features.  I heard that there is a fingerprint authentication and also special community exclusive to Samsung users???

Can’t wait to find out more about them.. Can you??

And I’m officially part of the Samsung family YAY~~~

PS: What’s that other little device in my hands?
Wait for the next blog post to find out more!!


DR SM YUEN Atlas Medical


Just started on my Acne programme at Atlas Medical because of my recurring acne that doesn't seem to be going away... Will be undergoing a few sessions for now before I finally show you the outcome!

As of now, I'm using the products that DR SM Yuen Atlas Medical have given me.

  1. Bebepu Cleanser
  2. Rose-2 moisturizer gel
  3. Bebepu sunblock 

IMG_2216 copy

Because my skin can get really really dry at times.. I can't exactly use acne control cleansers so DR SM Yuen recommended me the Bebepu cleanser which is really really mild on the skin! I always thought mild cleansers wouldn't work for my acne problems but the Bebepu cleanser seems to be really suitable for my bipolar skin. It doesn't make me breakout yet doesn't dry my skin out at the same time. I love it!


After the cleanser, I use Rose moisturizer gel. The best thing about it is that it's in a gel form, so it's not oily and as moisturizing compared to oil based moisturizers which is perrrfect for me because oil based moisturizers always make me breakout like mad. (IKR how problematic)


The most important step lastly, would be sunblock which I always always tend to neglect... After DR SM Yuen emphasized on how important sunblock is, I began to start applying it very often! The Bebepu sunblock, like the cleanser is also super mild on the skin. It can even be used on children! The sunblock also doesn't make your skin feel oily and has a matte finish which I really like. No one likes to look all oily and sticky right? Hahaha.


Okie. That's about it for now..... Stay tuned for more updates!!


Tokyo Bust Express


Went for my 2nd visit to Tokyo Bust Express last Saturday! This time, I went to the outlet at Parkmall, which was really accessible and convenient being located just right beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Prior to my experience the previous visit that was great, I was excited to visit Tokyo Bust again!


I love how the ambience is so cozy and comfortable! And especially all the welcoming staff who were so sweet.

I don’t have many issues with my bust… Except that I’ve always wanted a fuller cup size. I was also never exactly knowledgeable about how to take proper care or maintain bust health so during this visit, I was looking forward to learning more about such aspects from my specialist at Tokyo Bust!

Bust maintenance is especially important not only for outlook purposes but also bust health! The treatments that Tokyo Bust Express offers can boost circulation and help in lymphatic drainage. The best thing about their treatments is the use of natural ingredients like Dang Gui and wild Mexican yam root that contains powerful phytoestrogens that can stimulate ovaries to produce a balance of female hormones to aid in optimal bust development.


My very patient specialist Charlene, going through a very thorough explanation of the ingredients used and the treatments I’m about to receive. Through the consultation, I also learnt from Charlene how proper care of your bust is super important! Lack of proper care can actually lead to saggy breasts, breast cancer etc.. Which I obviously have overlooked and neglecteed a lot!

The treatments I did are:

  • Firming scrub
  • TT push up machine using Bust toning essence
  • Bust toning essence
  • Bust up therapy
  • Bust suction

First was the firming scrub, which is a normal scrub to get rid of dead skin cells to allow better penetration of the treatment products. I loved how the smell of the scrub and how it makes me feel so clean after!

The TT Push Up Machine using the Bust Toning Essence, which helped to tone breasts and prevent my current breast condition from worsening, then followed this! I could really feel the machine stimulating the glands in my bust and working its magic!

Next, the Bust Up Therapy helps to improve blood circulation in our breasts and lymphatic drainage for detoxifying, and also prevents breast cancer! This was also my favourite part of the whole session, because it involved a massage, which was extremely comfortable and I really enjoyed myself. J

Last was the bust suction. The bust suction uses the technology of suction to enhance the shape and size of your bust, ultimately reducing the effects of those ugly armpit fats. My armpit fats were also back to where they rightfully belong. Hahaha. 


The whole process took me about 2 hours which was really comfortable I just slept through it! I love how professional my specialist was, at times talking to me to make sure I wasn’t bored or that the atmosphere wasn’t awkward.

After the treatment, I could feel a difference in the firmness and shape of my bust! Which was something I wanted to achieve even before I did the treatment and I was very glad of the results.

Thank you Charlene!


So if you are reading this and want to improve the shape of your bust and improve your bust health… Now you’re in luck!!!! ;) 

Tokyo Bust Express is giving away special deals for my readers! It's super worth it and promises great results!

Complimentary 3x bust maximizing treatments + 3x bust shaping treatments worth $1,288.

First 10 responses will receive a complimentary Bust post care starter kit worth $108!

One lucky participant also stands to win a Full Butler Sky Dining Experience for 2 at Singapore Flyer and 20 sessions of sponsored Bust Treatments worth $3,488!

(embed google form here:

Tokyo Bust Express outlets:

#03-32, 23 Serangoon Central, S556083

City Square Mall
#B2-39, 180 Kitchener Road, S208539

Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06 S238459

Novena Square
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 S307506

For more information, do visit Tokyo Bust Express or call 62626161 to make an enquiry or book an appointment!

Follow them on their social media sites for more updates!

IG: @tokyobustexpress
Twitter: @Tokyobustexp

Date night @ Da Paolo


My date night with the bf @ Da Paolo a few weeks back...


The bf trying to light up the candle so we could have a more 'romantic' atmosphere. Hahaha. I really love the atmosphere at Da Paolo cus it's so relaxing and comfortable though we sat outdoors. I hate how some restaurants assign you seats right smack in the middle where it's so stressful to dine..


My favorite salami pizza


And the best desert of all!!! YUM


I love chu very muchhhh!